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The Elephant in the Room: Diplomacy in Cuba

Diplomacy has always fascinated me, specifically its inner-workings. I had no hesitation in gravitating towards it when confronted with my semester project here in Cuba. Cuba provides a truly unique and thought-provoking environment in which to explore the world of diplomacy. I will, in conjunction with my compañera Kate, visit various embassies, consulates and interest sections throughout out the city of La Habana seeking to answer the question, “How do countries conduct their diplomacy here? And how do these countries’ relationships with the United States, be what they may, affect their diplomatic conduct here?” We will answer these questions via interviews with diplomatic workers, funcionarios diplomáticos, of a number of different embassies throughout the city of Havana.

We will also delve into the functions of the U.S. Interests Section here in La Habana, seeking to learn more of its functions and limitations. How does it differ from a true American Embassy anywhere else in the world? How is America working around these limitations? In all, we hope to gain a better knowledge off the often not-so-seen inner-workings of diplomacy in Cuba and how, perhaps, it will look in the future.