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Tourism & Its Effect on the Cuban People

I have always loved to travel. Everywhere I travel, I always wonder how the locals really feel about tourists, and what it would be like to live in an area people go out of their way to visit. For my semester project, I want to find out all about the tourism industry in Havana and how it affects Cubans who live in the city. I plan on researching the amount of revenue brought in by tourists, a normal day for someone who works in the tourism industry here in Havana, and how tourists affect the daily lives of Cubans. I want to speak to Cubans who deal with tourists on a day to day basis, such as hotel maids, taxi drivers, and other hotel staff as well as normal citizens who just see tourists passing by. I also want to know their opinions about other countries based on the tourists they have met from that country, and how their perceptions about an entire country are formed by just meeting a handful of natives for a few days. I’m really excited to start researching my topic, and to start speaking to Cubans and find out their opinions!