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Facts & Figures

Why Cuba?

The University has enjoyed close educational ties with Cuban scholars and institutions with its Cuba Initiative, established in 2002. The Initiative was established to develop significant academic and scientific exchanges between the university and its counterparts in Cuba.

The ongoing success of the Cuba Center has rested on sustained and significant support from Cuban scholars. Underlying the program is the principle that all people have the rights to know each other honestly and be part of exchanges that promote the foundations of academic life in both countries.

We look forward to developing relationships in the future that will advance the frontiers of knowledge and promote educational exchanges between both countries based on the principles of academic freedom.

Cuba Center By the Numbers

  • 85 faculty members have traveled to Cuba, many repeatedly, to conduct research and creative work.
  • 80 scholarly activities including articles, artworks, performances, exhibitions, and books have been produced by UA faculty participating in the Initiative.
  • 75 students at both the undergraduate and graduate level have traveled to Cuba as part of their coursework.
  • 45 departments and disciplines at UA have participated in the initiative
  • 3 comprehensive educational activity-planning sessions between UA and the University of Havana, in addition to a number of faculty-to-faculty interactions.