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El Arte Cubano

This semester I want to focus on contemporary art in Cuba. I would like to learn about different artists working in an assortment of mediums such as: painting, pottery, printmaking etc. I do not want to limit myself to just one form of art. I hope to meet and get to know local artists and formularize myself with their work. I would like to interview them over the course of these few months and find out a number of things. Questions I would ask would be: what inspires you, when did you start, what is your favorite medium, what is your message if any etc. Due to the limited resources and restrictions in Cuba I would like to learn where artists find supplies, and if they try to market their work outside of the country. With each artist working in different fields my questions for the individual would vary. I have already made a few contacts in the pottery and sculpture world and a couple others in painting and printmaking. In April there is a large biannual art exhibition held at various sites all over Havana. I am excited to use that opportunity to further my research and meet a number of artists from all over Cuba.