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First Impressions – Amanda Wynn

My first impression of Cuba was that it is a country unlike any other. Ever since landing, my days have been one adventure after another. Havana is a beautiful, busy city with a culture that is very warm and welcoming. People here are always willing to stop and help if you have a question, and are patient when you are trying to learn and practice the language. La Universidad de Havana has a very different campus from UA, but it is incredible nonetheless. We’ve already seen a lot of the area surrounding us, and visited Old Havana. This first weekend, we’re going to see Hemingway’s house, as well as the village he used to fish in, and the rest of our trips outside of the city promise to give us an even better glimpse into Cuba, the country that to me has for so long been a mystery.

I’m very excited for the next 3 months, and I plan to make the most of this trip. I love meeting the people, and the opportunity to study in a Cuban classroom will be one of the aspects of this program I value the most. I cannot wait to make friends with people my own age and make this city my home. From riding the máquinas (taxis) to hopping onto a gua-gua (bus) for just a few cents, the experiences I have here will never leave me.