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“Getting Fit in Cuba”

For my semester project on Cuba, I want to learn about the different ways the Cuban population exercises, and what sort of a diet they have when they are working out. On the main streets near La Montehabana, the hotel we are living in, there are always people running, rollerblading, and stretching at all hours of the day and night. In order to investigate the different exercise methods people use here, I plan on looking into local gyms and the classes they offer, as well as visiting several tracks and stadiums in Havana that are used by the general public to stay in shape and talking to people on the main streets.

I also want to learn what people here think are the most effective ways of working out, aerobic or anaerobic training, and how common it is or is not to lift weights as well as to run. In addition, I want to learn about the regular diet of the Cuban people who exercise, and see how all of these aspects of their physical make up compare to what is done in the United States, and consider the differences in the common diet of both countries. There has been concern recently in Cuba and the United States on the rise of obesity in both nations, and I would like to see what is being done in both countries to stop this trend.