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Mary- Life in Cuba

I think life in Cuba is very easy to get accustomed to because the people here have, as we say at home, Southern Hospitality. Everyone has an open door; you can visit your friends and family whenever you want. The neighborhood is a tight community that operates like a bonded family. Every time I visit my adopted family here, they are always excited to see me. They make sure I have plenty to eat and drink and make sure that we are all taken care of in Cuba. Just walking down the street, you talk to everyone that walks by. You ask how they are or just give a friendly smile and wave. Everyone has such a generous heart. It never matters how little they have, they will share everything with the people they love. This is a unique characteristic that you will not find in other parts of the world. I do not feel far from home because I have the love a family here. Their presence has made life in Cuba such an amazing experience.