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Rosa López-Oceguera

Rosa López-Oceguera (Ph.D, University of Havana) is a specialist in U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S.-Cuban Relations, and Global Issues. She is the author of several essays published in co-authorship in books like Globalización y Conflicto Cuba-EEUU [Globalization and Cuba-U.S. Conflict], La Habana: Ciencias Sociales, 1997 (English edition by the Jose Marti Editorial, 1999); Conflicto Estados Unidos-Cuba, La Habana: Editorial “Félix Varela, 1998”; Punta del Este: Proyecto Alternativo de Desarrollo para América Latina(Spanish Edition) Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress: The Punta del Este Conference, August 1961, (English Edition), Melbourne, New York, Havana: Ocean Press, 2002; El proceso de Conformación de la Política Exterior de Estados Unidos, Havana: MINFAR, 2002; Estados Unidos: Dinámica Interna y Política Exterior, La Habana: Editorial de Ciencias Sociales, 2004. She is currently working in a monographic study on the Legacy of the Presidency of George W. Bush for U.S. Foreign Policy.