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Semester Project – Alexander Plomaritis

My project will be an in depth detail of monuments of significance in Cuban identity and culture in Havana and surrounding areas. I will discuss and identify for which reasons these monuments are important. Also, I will provide an explanation of where the monuments came from, how they were constructed, and who funded the production of the respective monuments. I will thoroughly evaluate the significance of each monument looking for any sort of controversial aspect or aspects, in order to further inquire as to the views that could be placed upon each individual structure by the citizens. After analyzing the significance and structure of each monument I will inquire as to analyze what different sort of opinions and views the people have over them. I am curious to see if there is a significant divide in views or feelings about these monuments by the people who are of significantly more educated backgrounds and those of the more common people, who have simply not been exposed to as much and are representative of a lower class.