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Semester Project – Jamila Flowers

An important aspect in forming ideologies of a certain group of people is religion. Religion can be the hands that sculpt a society. Cuba being a socialist nation, building its principles on ideas from a somewhat communist philosophy, “shouldn’t” have religions. Most communist-like systems outlaw religion, and deem it unnecessary for a society. Cuba, however, has not outlawed religion and has a flourishing religious population. Some of the religious people in Cuba also have more than one religion and find nothing wrong with that. Since Cuba has a religious population, and other countries in the past who have had similar political ideologies have not, it seems noteworthy. What is its function in society? Exactly how diverse is the population? Of different denominations or of different religious sects all together? How did these religions arrive on the island? Are there any “Cuban” religions? If so how were they created? How important are the religions to sustaining communities? Do these religious groups have ties to groups outside of Cuba? Are there any tensions within or between certain religious groups? Governments position on religion? I plan on researching these questions and going even deeper into the world of religion in Cuba, to ultimately note different levels of diversity across the religious spectrum and its impacts on society.