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Semester Project – Savannah Senicz

During my time in Havana I plan to investigate the numerous aspects of employment in Cuba. I will conduct research on the entire process of obtaining and keeping a job. I am interested in the selection and placement process, the competitiveness involved, benefits and working conditions within different fields, and the freedom which individuals possess to change career paths. Not only do I wish to investigate the formal processes and rules which govern the workforce, but I also desire to explore deeper questions and sentiments related to the population’s day to day life at work. What type of relationship do employees possess with their bosses? How do they feel about the jobs they have been given after studying to work in another field? Is customer service important to them and/or does their management consistently stress it? Is there an incentive to work towards something higher and better? These questions, along with many more, will help me fully understand the big picture of employment in Cuba and gain an extremely personal insight into the lives of the workers that surround me. I will be careful to interview a variety of people from different backgrounds, ages, experiences, and fields in order to broaden my perspective and limit bias. Once compiled, my project will provide an overview of the Cuban workforce, including the opinions and thoughts of the people who make it up, as well as its general processes and rules.