Welcome to The University of Alabama Center for Cuba Collaboration and Scholarship. The Center is one of few in the country, and helps provide our faculty and students with a truly unique opportunity to express the University’s commitment to teaching, research, and service.

The University has enjoyed close educational ties with Cuban scholars and institutions with its Cuba Initiative, established in 2002. The Initiative was established to develop significant academic and scientific exchanges between the university and its counterparts in Cuba. To date, approximately 85 faculty members have traveled to Cuba, many repeatedly, to conduct research and creative work. More than 80 scholarly activities including articles, artworks, performances, exhibitions, and books have been produced by UA faculty participating in the Initiative. Nearly 75 students at both the undergraduate and graduate level have traveled to Cuba as part of coursework.

In 2015, rooted in the work of the Cuba Initiative, The University of Alabama Board of Trustees approved the creation of a Center for Cuba Collaboration and Scholarship. The Cuba Center serves as the latest illustration of a long-standing interest in the Latin America both at the University, where it has been a program of study for more than 45 years, and throughout the state.


Capital Hall, Rooms 1808 and 1809
270 Kilgore Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


Professor Steve Miller
1808 Capital Hall

Professor Michael Schnepf
1809 Capital Hall