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5 Goals for Cuba 2013 – Lauren Nolan

  • I would like to have a conversation where I use all the verb forms.
  • I want to learn to cook a Cuban meal and be able to give the recipe and directions in Spanish.
  • I want to barter with a taxi driver to get the lowest price possible.
  • I want to be able to attend a Cuban baseball game with our Cuban classmates and converse about the game in Spanish.
  • I hope that I can go to a peluqueria (hair stylist) and accurately describe in Spanish how I want my hair cut.

5 Goals for Cuba 2013 – Elizabeth Heeter

  • I want to fill my notebook with new words and create my own personal dictionary
  • To be able to translate between Cubans and English speakers
  • Befriend a Cuban classmate that I can carry on a friendship with after I get back to the States
  • To be confident in my knowledge of Cuban history so that I can discuss it with a native
  • To increase my knowledge of Miguel de Cervantes’ influence on Cuba

5 Goals for Cuba 2013 – Caroline Olszewski

  • I really hope to make great Cuban friends that I can keep in contact with even after I leave in May and perhaps one day visit again when the travel ban is lifted for Americans.
  • I really want to master the Spanish language and understand the Cuban accents.
  • I want to learn how to cook a Cuban meal and have dinner with a Cuban family.
  • I want to discover as much of Havana as I can so that I am able to give someone directions of the city in Spanish.
  • I hope to be become confident enough in my Spanish that I can approach a Cuban and strike up a conversation. I want to learn the life stories of as many Cubans as I can.

5 Goals for Cuba 2013 – Libby Larson

  • Get to know as many Cubans as possible on a personal level (learn about their families, jobs, etc.)
  • Be able to understand the fast accent and songs in Spanish that right now seem to be in an entirely different language
  • To make a good impression on all of the Cubans and represent Americans to the best of my ability
  • To feel completely comfortable with living here/get rid of the apprehension and embrace my curiosity and leave my comfort zone.
  • To simply take advantage of every single opportunity that I can.

5 Goals for Cuba 2013 – Amy Walther

  • I really believe that God has a plan for me and knew Cuba would be the perfect place for him to use me.  So ultimately although it may sound silly I want to be this leader and woman of God and allow him to use me as he wants me to be.  Maybe influence somebody here whether they are Cuban or American for the better and spread God’s word.
  • I really want to find the good in everyone.  So this trip even if we all get annoyed with each other I want to keep positive and find the good in everyone!
  • I hope to improve on my Spanish skills.
  • I want to know everyone’s story! I want to be so confident in my Spanish that I could walk up to anyone and talk for hours.
  • I want to make each moment count. I don’t want to overthink or get irritated at anything I just want to make each day the best it could be and make the most of my trip.